Ingeneering office Tobias Loose was founded 1.6.2007.
Since then we supported succesfully many customer with numerical simulation to solve their problems. For that we develop the necessary methods to manage the customers needs.
For the training of our customers staff we developed our own training conception to teach effective welding and heat treatment simulation.
We support research and participate in many research advisory groups.
Our aim is the promotion of numerical simulaiton for welding and heat treatment. We collaborate with many universitys and institutes.
An own training program, Workshops for welding simulation and the catering of conferences make our activities perfect.
We are member in the following associations:
  • DVS - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren
    (German assosiation for welding and similar processes)
  • ÖGS - Östereichische Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik
    (Austrian assosiation for welding technics)
  • VSVI - Verband der Straßen- und Verkehrsingenieure
    (Assosiation of engeneers for road an traffic)
  • Deutscher Sprengverband (German blasting association)
  • Förderverein Wärmebehandlung und Schweißen
    (Assosiation of the friends of heat treatment and welding simulation)
Dr. Tobias Loose is vicepresident of advisory group I2 "Advisory group for applied simulations in manufacturing for welding and heat treatment in research and praxis".
Dr. Tobias Loose is fondation member and vicepresident of "Förderverein Wärmebehandlung und Schweißen e.V." (Assosiation of the friends of heat treatment and welding simulation).